What’s New in AccuRoute 6.1


AccuRoute 6.1 is the next feature pack release for AccuRoute, released in Spring of 2018. AccuRoute 6.1 is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction through staying current with system updates and integrations, enhancing functionality to address a broader audience and to continue to build upon AccuRoute WebApps to better centralize a user’s experience

New Integrations

  • Concur
  • Concur is an Expense Report Management system available in the marketplace today. For the spring release, a Concur connector will be introduced that allows for the capture of expense receipts. AccuRoute will capture images of the receipts, allow delegates to be selected from a list, then send the image of the receipt to the appropriate users in Concur.
  • SharePoint My Sites
  • Sharepoint MySites is a version of SharePoint that is driven towards making your organization’s SharePoint feel more like a community. We have noticed a number of AccuRoute customers prefer this option, and we extended the capabilities of AccuRoute to fit into this community-like structure. With this release, AccuRoute will support the ability to send to specific users and folders within MySites.
  • InterFAX:
  • InterFAX is a newly acquired Cloud Faxing solution by Upland Software. AccuRoute has developed an InterFAX connector for a direct integration with InterFAX, extending the capabilities of AccuRoute for cloud faxing communications in a hybrid environment.
  • iManage 10 Work Web Client (formerly Worksite)
  • iManage, a long time technology partner, has released a new Web-based client that will be supported through the Client Option Pack’s “Right-Click” functionality to “import scan.” Similar to how it is supported today in the iManage DeskSite client, however will not require the iManage DeskSite client to be installed.
    Note: Given the amount of changes required to support this new web interface, a client update will need to be issued to fully support this feature shortly after the final release of 6.1. If a Client update is needed, this would be delivered in the form of a “patch update” to the AccuRoute Server, not a full release.
  • Upland FileBound
  • Upland FileBound, an integration we announced last year that allows AccuRoute to leverage enhanced and user-friendly workflow capabilites, will be extended to have the capability to pass line-items or multi-value table properties.

Device Client

  • Accessible Options:
  • As we continue to invest in the device client we would like to allow and enable users to get more work done at the MFP at the time of scan. With ease of use in mind, we are supporting the ability to move prompts and scan setting options directly onto the “Ready to Scan” screen, saving the back and forth.
  • Prompt Grouping:
  • Previously, AccuRoute supported prompting in “wizard-like” format, with one piece of data being prompted per screen or window. AccuRoute will now support multiple pieces of data on each screen/window, removing the necessity to page through multiple windows to submit related information. The original wizard format will still be supported if desired.


  • TIF and JPEG Resolution
  • The AccuRoute software will be enhanced to allow for defining of the resolution of TIF and JPEG files, by workflow. Currently these are pre-set to always be 300x300. The system will be able to be configured by workflow to change the resolution, for example 200x200, up to 600x600.
Note: changing the resolution of the image, can cause degradation or changes in the size of the output file
  • Address Book
  • AccuRoute will support Address Book functionality from Microsoft, allowing WebApps to pull in emails from your company’s corporate address book or the users local address book stored in Microsoft Exchange. This address book functionality will support Microsoft Outlook/Exchange 365 and Microsoft Exchange 2016 CU3 and above.
  • Archive Search
  • Archive Search is a tool that was available in the Legacy AccuRoute Web Client that will be updated to become an “App” within AccuRoute WebApps. This feature allows users to search based on metadata flowing through the AccuRoute server, such as a Medical ID number or Shipping number that is associated with a document that has been processed by AccuRoute.

WebApps - MyFiles

Enhancements to the popular “Scan-to-Self” option known as MyFiles in WebApps:

  • Retention Policy Awareness
  • Through our conversations with customers, it became evident that retention policies should be more visibly seen by the end users who may or may not have the knowledge of what the retention policy is. As an answer, AccuRoute will be extended to help solve this in a few ways:
      • The Administrator will now be able to set a retention date for how long MyFiles are maintained on the system, before automatic deletion by the system.
      • The Administrator will also be able to set a “label” on the MyFiles AccuRoute button configuration that specifies the number of days the files will be retained, this is a custom label that can be changed per instance.
      • Lastly, the WebApps MyFiles application will show the retention or expiration date of the files in the users MyFiles queue.
  • Additional File Types:
  • MyFiles currently only supports TIFF and PDF file types, due to limitations within the common web-browsers. MyFiles will be updated, to show a very clear “download” button for any non-PDF/TIF file types in the viewer area, along with a clear message that the file needs to be downloaded to be opened. Once the user selects to download the file, they can open the file in the appropriate application, as happens today when downloading unsupported document formats from a webbrowser. This will allow a similar approach to how common web-browsers deal with file-types such as, .DOC/X or .XLS/X.
  • Encryption
  • AccuRoute currently has the ability to have its data encrypted at rest. This functionality will be extended to AccuRoute’s MyFiles. To encrypt MyFiles at rest, the AccuRoute Server will be required to be configured with encryption at rest. A user viewing their MyFiles through the AccuRoute WebApps application, will see their files unencrypted automatically with no further action required.
  • Company Help
  • A “Company Help” option will now be able to be configured in AccuRoute, the Company Help option will link to a URL that is controlled by the customer to provide custom information to their end-users. This will appear in the same location that the current AccuRoute Help link appears. The company will be able to turn-off the native AccuRoute Help and only display their Company Help link, or show both options.

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