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Orchestrating a Campaign

Across teams and channels

Kapost helps you put your customer at the center of your message. Create strategic content for all of your channels, manage your initiatives seamlessly across teams, and deliver your customers a cohesive, personalized experience.

Creating any modern marketing program is hard. It requires strategy, planning, and the ability to manage complexity across many teams and channels as they bring a message to life.

Let's take a look at how Securita, a cybersecurity company, uses Kapost to create and execute a product launch campaign. The product launch is lead by Christina, Product Marketing Manager at Securita.

Selecting a Campaign Template

In Kapost, Christina first creates an initiative to centralize all content and activity for the product launch. She automates the setup of her initiative by selecting a template with predefined content types and workflows that are based on previous, successful launches.

Creating an Initiative

The initiative is the central location where teams supporting the launch will find campaign objectives and access the detailed campaign brief, enabling all teams to work toward the same outcome and have a clear understanding of the goals for the product launch.

Using a Workflow Template

Christina leverages a templated workflow with predefined milestones that Securita knows will be important for a successful launch. The workflow is flexible and allows Christina to customize additional milestones that are specific to this project.

Centralizing Campaign Content

The SecureCloud offering will launch with website content, social media posts, product collateral, a webinar, a media release, a series of emails, and a customer event. All teams supporting the launch will create and collaborate on their content from a central location.

Applying Strategic Metadata

Content for the product launch is tagged with target customer personas, industry verticals, stages of the buying journey, and other key attributes that Securita uses to personalize content and connect strategy to execution.

Customizing Workflows and Access

Christina uses a workflow template to automate task assignments and automatically set Smart Deadlines based on the campaign launch date. Workflow visibility allows collaboration between teams and reduces the time spent in meetings. She also manages user access to sensitive content. This SecureCloud press release will only be visible to the communications and legal teams until it's published.

Managing Tasks

Once tasks are assigned for all work supporting the product launch, task assignees can access personalized task views to keep their work organized and on track with real-time updates, eliminating the need to manually record progress in spreadsheets.

Customizing Campaign Information

The SecureCloud launch is a shared effort among numerous teams at Securita. Each team can access a customized view of tasks they must complete for the product launch, dynamically track upcoming tasks, keep views private, or share customized views with stakeholders to provide visibility to work in progress. Christina leverages a Saved View to see which tasks are upcoming for the digital and social teams.

Viewing the Campaign Schedule

Tasks can also be viewed on a shared calendar and filtered by publish date, task owner, or content type so all contributors and teams know when milestones occur in the launch timeline and what content is in production throughout the launch.

Visualizing the Customer Experience

Christina knows that driving results means delivering personalized content to several distinct members of a buying group. She leverages metadata in Kapost to create visualizations representing the buying journey at Securita. Christina is confident her campaign won't leave out important personas and will provide targeted messages to customers with varying but specific needs.

Viewing Content and Campaigns

As teams complete work for the product launch, Christina can view the status of all content supporting her campaign and easily share progress with executives. She can also see other initiatives in progress at Securita, as well as the strategic themes they support, for a comprehensive view of all the content her audience receives.

Publishing Content

On launch day, Securita publishes content from Kapost to its website, marketing automation platform, and social media platforms. These software integrations enable streamlined content distribution across channels and are just a few of Kapost's numerous native and custom integrations.

Distributing Content to Teams

With just a few clicks, Christina distributes product launch collateral to Securita’s sales and customer success teams who are expecting the new assets and are ready to share with their customers. The assets are organized in Kapost’s content repository for easy, ongoing access.

Viewing Campaign Performance

After the launch, Christina views engagement metrics in Kapost. With a quick glance, she sees how the website, email, and social media content are performing. Understanding overall campaign performance, as well as individual content performance, will help Christina improve future launch campaigns.

Viewing Content Usage

Christina also views content engagement data for her sales and customer success teams and learns the SecureCloud pricing collateral has already been shared with prospects and customers more than 200 times.

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