Drive action and enhance fundraising with text messaging designed for political campaigns

Motivation in the moment.

Built to drive awareness, engagement, and donations, Mobile Commons provides an easy way to connect with and empower your supporters – on the communication channel they prefer. Don’t wait days for an email to be read. Use powerful SMS messaging tools to get to your supporters right now – when it matters most.

2024 elections are almost here. Are you set up to win?

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Power your campaign. Empower your supporters.

Targeted, personalized, and automated two-way SMS campaigns
Text-to-donate campaigns
Connect constituents with their state or federal legislators
Templates and safeguards for data privacy and compliance

Young people today live off their mobile devices. Truth wants to invite them into any given issue, and a text offers everybody the opportunity to get involved.

Dio Favatas

Vice President of Marketing, Data, and Technology, Truth Initiative

Engage supporters and mobilize quickly.

Send messages that raise supporter responsiveness by keeping them informed and ready to advocate.

  • Build targeted SMS campaigns based on audience demographics
  • Support extremely large audience databases and volume of texts
  • Automated text message journeys that respond to your customers’ replies, actions and preferences
  • Incorporate polling locators and legislator calls into your campaigns
  • Interact with supporters beyond donations with quizzes and surveys
  • Enrich and manage supporter data with automated campaigns and a built-in CRM
  • 1-1 agent conversations for more personal, direct outreach
  • Measure effectiveness of campaigns and subscriber engagement

Your advocacy partner.

We’re more than just a text solution. We partner with every customer to ensure you’re getting the results you need. From campaign strategies to reviewing results and making improvement suggestions, we’re here to support you.

  • We’re constantly spotting trends, testing new ideas, and sharing successes with customers
  • Every customer is paired with a mobile advocacy expert as your Customer Success Manager
  • We proactively reach out to relay new and underutilized functions to help uncover areas of opportunity