The Future of RFP & Proposal Excellence: Unlock the Potential of Qvidian's Generative AI

July 24, 2024
11 am EDT / 17:00 CEST
2 pm EDT / 20:00 CEST
Length: 30 mins

Technology for proposal experts continues to accelerate, and at Qvidian, our solution is evolving to meet your needs and future-proof your business. Join our experts Tim Braman and Matt Lentine on July 24 to learn how Qvidian’s automation and generative AI are poised to help you win more.

Choose which 30-minute session fits best in your schedule, and tune in as we discuss:

  • How Qvidian is tackling artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich RFP and proposal processes
  • The many ways Qvidian can help your team streamline proposal management, so you can focus on creative strategies instead of checking boxes
  • The ease of creating personalized responses while ensuring brand integrity, professionalism, and consistency

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Meet our speakers

Tim Braman

Global Account Manager


Matt Lentine

Account Executive

We enjoy using the solution from InGenius and all of our users find it very easy to use. We get great insights from the dashboards and panels we have built, and when we needed support it is always there. Highly recommended.

Joe Gleason

Operations Manager, Specalised Training Services Limited


Supercharge your process with Qvidian AI Assist

With generative AI, Qvidian is enhancing our already powerful automatic answering, making it possible to revise and rewrite content in seconds.

Learn more about how Qvidian AI assist can help:

  • Quickly craft responses to one or more RFP questions
  • Revise and edit generated responses for length, clarity, and accuracy
  • Revise and edit generated responses into active voice
  • Use top AutoFill results to automatically generate new answers

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