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Organizations around the globe are all feeling the impact of Covid-19 as they have had to quickly ramp up and impose mandatory work from home policies over the last several weeks. The sudden switch to a remote workforce, is changing how we work and how we share knowledge with our colleagues. Implementing Knowledge Management can help companies cope with these challenging times. Join our webinar to learn the benefits that Knowledge Management and Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) can bring to your team, your organization and your customers during these unique times.

This webinar will focus on:

What is Knowledge Management?
Tips, tricks and recommendations on how to implement and get started on the journey to effective and sustainable knowledge sharing across your teams

The benefits of adopting a KCS Methodology
The importance of a KCS enabled organization that will help you define priorities and set your support organization up for success

How to Drive Increased Customer Satisfaction with Upland RightAnswers
Leverage the successes and challenges of others to help you quickly and easily get started on the path to capitalizing on the knowledge across your organization

Michelle Stumpf, KCS (KM) Practice Director, Upland RightAnswers