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The role of Knowledge Management (KM) in the contact center has become even more important during these unprecedented times. KM is no longer just a methodology for storing and retrieving information but instead has proved to be a key component in getting the right answers to the right people at the right time. Join our webinar to discover how a knowledge management solution can help your team know what they need to know, share what they need to share, and empower everyone to be more successful.

This webinar will focus on:

Importance of having a Single Source of Truth
Whether in challenging times or BAU, the importance of having a Single Source of Truth across an organization is essential to improve customer confidence

React to change, don’t fear it
As a global community we have had to adapt to a new normal, breaking away from what you thought you knew & working together to create a new standard could bring about positive changes to the way we work

Using KM tools to help your people through a crisis
People play the biggest part in reassurance during a crisis, what can you do to give the frontline added support

Stin Mattu, Senior Knowledge Consultant, Upland RightAnswers