Monday, June 12 – Thursday, June 15  
11 AM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST

2023 Second Street Master Class

Second Street Master Class is back! Join us for a week of sessions to help you get your promotions and interactive content strategy back on track for the rest of 2023 and beyond! We’ll kick off the week with a promotional goals overview and then take a deep dive into the promotion strategies that are going to make you successful. From pushing your Best Of program further, launching your First-Party Data strategy, and overcoming objections and driving advertiser results – you won’t want to miss the Second Street Master Class!

Daily Topics

Monday, June 12
Day 1: All Roads Lead to Promotions
Time: 11 AM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST
Presenters: Liz Huff and Julie Foley

This session will help you discover how to harness the power of promotions to reach your goals and learn how you’re already on the right track. From overarching goals like revenue growth and audience development to the more specialized goals like increasing your audience or promoting streaming or app downloads, we’ll show you how promotions will help you reach those objectives.

Tuesday, June 13
Day 2: Driving Measurable Results and Revenue with Promotions
Time: 11 AM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST
Presenters: Julie Foley, Tenille Hunter, and Ellen Trunk

Find out how to execute the perfect promotion that drives revenue and results for you and your advertiser. We'll show you how to identify the right promotion to achieve your goals, build the perfect package, and follow-up with your advertiser. You will leave equipped with the tools you need to deliver a successful promotion.

Wednesday, June 14
Day 3: Launching Your First-Party Data Strategy
Time: 11 AM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST
Presenters: Liz Huff and Kristen Wehe

We know you are in the beginning stages of creating, growing, and monetizing your First Party Data strategy. Join us as we dive into why building a First Party Data strategy doesn’t have to be a daunting task and is easily achievable with Second Street. We will provide you with a step-by-step process to help you drive a more engaged audience, conversions and subscriber revenue by targeting and growing your audiences.

Thursday, June 15
Day 4: Making Your Best Of a Year-Round Revenue and Audience-Generating Machine
Time: 11 AM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST
Presenters: Julie Foley and Matt Hummert

You’ve achieved amazing revenue and audience growth success with your Best Of strategy, but is there a way you could achieve even more? Come learn how to use your Best Of as a launching pad to drive year-round revenue and audience engagement.

Meet our Panel of Experts

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Liz Huff
Sr. Director, Customer Success

Julie Foley
Sr. Customer Success Manager

Matt Hummert
Customer Success Manager

Ellen Trunk
Manager, Customer Success

Tenille Hunter
Customer Success Representative

Kristen Wehe
Customer Success Manager/Content Creator

Meet our panel of experts

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