Turn data into relationships that drive revenue. Start your Altify Relationship Map self-guided demo.

Expand the power of your Salesforce with our account-based selling software. You’re on the right path to lead your revenue team to know relationships. Fill out the form to explore how to uncover hidden influences, connect with the people that matter, and increase win rates - and start with a self-guided demo of one of Altify's core features - Relationship Map.

With Relationship Map you can:
  • Explore tactical attributes of key players
  • Utilize our personas to get high-level detail on customers at scale
  • Identify important groups of people based on dynamic sets of attributes

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Generate insights to focus on deals you can win

Identify key decision makers and business problems, enable greater visibility, and create strategic opportunity plans to guide sellers toward closing.

Get Salesforce-native software for seamless value.

Altify guides your sellers with contextual actions, insights, and best practices right within Salesforce.

Align your extended revenue team.

Unite sales, marketing, and customer success with a single customer view to enable better collaboration, uncover gaps, and drive more revenue.

“Altify helped us better align with our customers, their goals and what it takes to win – Altify is critical to our process, and we are doing deal reviews on all strategic opportunities.”

Kristy Elmore

VP Sales

JCI Power Solutions‚Äč


Opportunity Manager

Assess and qualify new deals to pursue opportunities you can win.
  • Alight with customers' business challenges to gain executive credibility. 
  • Collaborate across the entire revenue team to create winning strategies
Hyland transformed their deal process and increased their win rates by 162% with Opportunity Manager.

Account Manager

Enable greater team visibility and collaboration on key sales accounts. 
  • Identify gaps and opportunities to expand and retain revenue.
  • Get out-of-the-box Tableau or Salesforce Einstein analytics to measure KPIs.
Autodesk increased deal size across all segments from SMB to Strategic by 144% with Account Manager.