Upland PSA


Professional services organizations have struggled in the past to remain “client-focused”, however in many instances they have not had the resources available to properly follow through on that promise. Various factors such as a disconnect between sales and services departments and lack of shared knowledge among employees, have attributed to less than optimal customer experiences. Luckily things have changed. With greater tools available, organizations can now create truly customer-centric services businesses.

View this webinar, Put Your Clients First: How Modern Services Organizations Are Increasing Customer Satisfaction. Hosted by Kevin Sequeira, Senior VP of Product Management at Upland, and co-hosted by David Hofferberth, SPI Research Managing Director, who presents the results of the 2019 PS Maturity Benchmark Report. This leading performance improvement tool was developed in 2007 by SPI Research, and is used by over 25000 service and project-oriented organizations in order to evaluate their current operations, learn about the latest trends and discover best practices. The results of this report will help you to discover how your organization stacks up against industry metrics, obtain the industry data needed to support your strategy, how to objectively quantify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to create an actionable business plan, where you should invest to yield the highest impact and much more!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to decipher the SPI survey results and put them to use for your organization
  • How innovations such as proposal automation and knowledge management will help to increase productivity and accuracy
  • How to create customer loyalty through the utilization of feedback tools