Tuesday, June 25th | 1 PM EST

Transform Your A/B Testing: 25 Tactics for an Unbeatable Newsletter Strategy

Testing is crucial in the ever-changing email landscape, where understanding what resonates with your audience is key to sustained engagement and revenue generation.

Join us for an exclusive webinar to learn how to create an ‘always-on’ testing plan that will continually improve your engagement rates.

In this session, Upland PostUp experts Brandon Badger and Rob Amos will guide you through the essentials of planning, executing, and evolving a testing strategy. Key topics include:

  • Setting goals and measurable metrics
  • Achieving incremental conversion
  • Balancing long-term and short-term testing
  • Developing a comprehensive testing plan
  • Utilizing A/B testing tactics effectively
  • Integrating AI into your email testing strategy

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your email marketing efforts with expert insights and actionable tactics.

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Upland PostUp


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Upland PostUp


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We enjoy using the solution from InGenius and all of our users find it very easy to use. We get great insights from the dashboards and panels we have built, and when we needed support it is always there. Highly recommended.

Joe Gleason

Operations Manager, Specalised Training Services Limited

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Average handle time, first call resolution, and Net Promoter Score are just some of the metrics effective contact centers require. You need advanced tools to help your agents and insights into your customers’ interactions to make intelligent operational decisions.

  • Reduce clicks for your agents
  • Automate call logs
  • Easily report on call data
  • Enable fast agent adoption

InGenius has helped companies reduce call handling time by 1 minute per call, increase case handling capacity by 50%, and improve Net Promoter Score by 20%

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InGenius connects phone systems to CRMs for significant time savings.