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It's important to maximize voter turnout of people who have a low propensity to vote yet are highly supportive of your causes. Many organizations refer to the last four days of a campaign as "GOTV", or Get Out The Vote, where the voter mobilization and volunteer efforts become increasingly important. However, there's a lot of work that goes into GOTV that are outside of the last four days of a campaign and now's the best time to start.

In this 1-hour Upland Mobile Messaging Webinar, Best Practices on Effectively Integrating SMS within your GOTV Strategy, you will hear from one of our customers, Stefan Smith, Digital Director at Democratic Party of New Mexico, about best practices that he’s learned from integrating SMS within their campaigns.

You will hear:

  • How your SMS subscribers and your GOTV targets align
  • A proven-out timeline of events integrating SMS within National, State or even Local campaigns
  • Sample messages to lead to positive GOTV outcomes