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Modern, secure fax solutions for businesses of all sizes

Upland Software helps solve real business problems by providing enterprise software for getting things done.

Need technology that safeguards sensitive information transmitted via fax while supporting digital document workflows? You’ve come to the right place.

The combined capabilities of Upland's cloud and hybrid fax technology can be tailored to any organization’s needs without sacrificing security, convenience, or scalability. We want to make faxing as simple as emailing or logging into a web portal from any device.

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Meet the InterFAX team.

Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are here to help you find the cloud fax solution that best suits your needs. Interested in learning more? Book a meeting today.

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Customer Success Manager

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Account Executive

We needed an inbound cloud faxing solution that would integrate directly within our EMR. Our busy staff adapted very fast. InterFAX has been a game changer for our practice.

Dothan Hematology & Oncology


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InterFAX is taking cloud fax to the max.

Upland InterFAX’s cloud-based fax solution helps users to cost-effectively fax at volume to anywhere in the world quickly, reliably, and securely. Our high-capacity, reliable, and globally accessible cloud fax solution enables transmission and reception of faxes from any internet-connected application, with no installations needed, and allows for an integrated faxing developer API to tailor services to any organization’s needs.

Upgrade the way you fax.

Upland AccuRoute’s on-premise and hybrid fax solutions ensure secure scan, capture, and fax communications solutions for a remote workforce. Our server-based, out-of-the-box enterprise-class document process automation platform provides solutions to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents from a single, unified platform.
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