What’s New in FileBound

Transforming the Way Users Interact with FileBound and their Everyday Business Applications

A Connected Experience

FileBound Connect anticipates and intelligently delivers content relevant to your needs, eliminating the tedious process of searching to retrieve related content. Its clean design and out-of-the box integrations transform the way you connect to your everyday line of business applications.

  • Content Delivery: Manual searching is a thing of the past. Connect anticipates the content you need based on the business applications (e.g. ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems, etc.) you work with and automatically delivers it straight to your fingertips.
  • Instant Notifications: Users are alerted of assignments the moment they are received. Just one-click and the user is already moving the task through the approval process.
  • Drag and Drop: Add content to FileBound simply by dropping it into the file – Connect does the rest.

Security and Permission Features

Now more than ever, its imperative companies have security and permission controls in place to ensure content is properly protected. FileBound's suite of robust controls continue to expand, while offering more granular configurations:

  • Group Administrator: The Group Administrator controls accessibility and settings for a Group. This addition completes our Administration suite of permissioning levels to ensure customers have the tools needed to be compliant with security and access audits.
  • Metadata Auditing: FileBound's strong set of tamper-proof audit tools continue to set the bar. Index level auditing monitors any edits to an index field and tracks the user who made the change, as well as, the change and the previous and resulting values.
  • Locking Rights: FileBound has expanded its locking capabilities to files and metadata while also allowing administrators to grant these rights to specific groups and users.
  • Most and Least Restrictive Group Settings: Misconfigurations sometimes lead to conflicting rights or permissions for users. FileBound takes the guesswork out of aligning these settings as administrators are able to set their system to enforce group security from a most restrictive or least restrictive standing, providing users the access they need while still adhering to comprehensive security and audit processes.

Enhanced Form Capabilities

Get rid of the PDF chaos – convert them to interactive forms and make them easily accessible for workflow and storage.

  • PDF Forms: With a few quick clicks, users can upload and convert PDF forms to interactive HTML forms that are instantly shareable and reportable.
  • Rules and Conditions: Enhance data collection by promoting users for additional information based on their previous responses by setting rules and conditions. 

Help and Documentation Enhancements

User adoption of FileBound has never been better thanks to all the help and documentation resources available at the user’s fingertips.

  • A Robust Platform: A fresh, user intuitive interface comprised of context-sensitive help transforms the way users interact with FileBound’s Online Help.

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