Understand your customers better with Insight Map: Watch Demo

Discover your customer’s business goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles with our account-based selling software. Start the On-demand Demo and see how to connect your solutions to your customer’s problems in a clear and visual way, increasing your opportunities to win more deals.

Explore our Insight Map capabilities to:

  • Uncover the goals, what your buying personas are aiming for or hope to accomplish
  • Detect pressures, the internal or external forces that impact your buying personas
  • Identify the initiatives that each buying persona use to execute individual goals
  • Reveal the obstacles your buying personas are facing
Armed with this knowledge, a salesperson’s empathy quickly becomes full-fledged credibility.

Gain the competitive edge in leading your revenue team to uncover key opportunity insights to have informed high-yield sales-conversations.

Note: Our account-based selling software is Salesforce native. If your team doesn’t use Salesforce, this interactive demo is probably not for you.

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We enjoy using the solution from InGenius and all of our users find it very easy to use. We get great insights from the dashboards and panels we have built, and when we needed support it is always there. Highly recommended.

Joe Gleason

Operations Manager, Specalised Training Services Limited

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