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Upland Software Acquires InterFAX

A leading provider of secure, cloud-based messaging solutions, including enterprise cloud fax and secure document distribution, further enhances Upland’s Workflow Automation product suite.

InterFAX enables businesses to deliver secure, compliant communications easily and more cost-effectively through its enterprise cloud fax and secure document distribution solutions that meet rigorous regulatory requirements. The newly acquired fax solution offers an enterprise-class, cloud-based offering that will enable companies to begin their journey from on-premise document capture and fax to cloud-enabled solutions that reduce operating costs and complexities.

Companies around the globe rely on InterFAX’s products for many use-case specific communications that are auditable, secure, and cloud-based such as:

  • Secure and compliant communications in financial services back-office, retail branch communications, and loan processing
  • Healthcare secure patient information management, claims processing, and prescription routing
  • Cross-vertical applications including accounts payable and receivable, legal documents handling, and employee records management

Why did Upland Acquire InterFAX?

Upland is committed to providing the most valuable cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions in Project & IT Management, Workflow Automation, and Digital Engagement to customers worldwide. With the acquisition of InterFAX, we are expanding our reach into cloud-based fax and secure document distribution via a network of partners and developers. At the same time, this acquisition expands our global footprint.

InterFAX adds foundational capabilities to Upland’s cloud-based workflow automation product family that enable communications, which are fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001, SEC 17/1, and many other regulatory requirements. Upland can now offer comprehensive, secure document management and workflow automation solutions and capabilities that include document capture, data extraction, data loss detection, secure storage, intelligent routing and approval, and secure document distribution through cloud fax, mobile messaging, and email.

Upland’s focus remains on delighting customers through exceptional solutions and value. We aspire to achieve 100% customer success. Our experienced teams do this by using UplandOne, our standard operating platform, to deliver operational excellence, enterprise-class quality and security, customer-driven innovation, and superior service and support. We will continue to acquire compelling technology to further add value in our three product families and build market strength in areas that support our growth plan and customer success mission.

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