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Leading cloud-based customer engagement solutions enhance the Upland Mobile Messaging (UMM) platform by delivering intelligent, immersive, and responsive multi-channel digital engagement campaigns through SMS/mobile, emails, voice, chat, and social media.

Upland Software, a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, acquired Rant & Rave, an innovative cloud-based customer engagement platform that captures user sentiment and delivers robust multi-channel communications to improve overall customer loyalty. The revolutionary platform creates a contextual understanding of customer feedback through multiple touchpoints, structures and analyzes the data into actionable intelligence, and delivers deeper engagement and measurable outcomes throughout the customer lifecycle.

Why did Upland Acquire Rant & Rave?

Upland is committed to providing the most valuable cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions in Project & IT Management, Workflow Automation, and Digital Engagement to customers worldwide. Together with Upland Mobile Messaging, the leading mobile engagement platform in the United States for managing, executing, and analyzing personalized mobile messaging campaigns at scale, the acquisition of UK-based Rant & Rave will allow Upland to deliver more robust products and features that are valuable to both Upland Mobile Messaging and Rant & Rave clients and further strengthening Upland’s global leadership. Rant & Rave enhances Upland Mobile Messaging (UMM) with technology that delivers intelligent, immersive, and responsive multi-channel digital engagement initiatives for customers. Additionally, the strength of the Upland Mobile Messaging platform -- with robust mobile conversations via SMS, MMS, RCS, mobile wallet, and text-to-call functionality -- significantly expands Rant & Rave’s mobile approach with current customers.

Upland’s focus remains on delighting customers through exceptional solutions and value and striving to achieve 100% customer success. Using UplandOne, our standard operating platform, we deliver operational excellence, enterprise-class quality and security, customer-driven innovation, and superior service and support. We will continue to acquire compelling technology to further add value in our three product families and build market strength in areas that support our growth plan and customer success mission. .

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