Join us as we wrap up the Connected Through Change Expert On Demand Series with a look into the complete telecom playbook as a transition post-mortem to a remote workforce. Whether this is the first or the fourth webinar you’re attending, you will get actionable information to take with you including a recommended step-by-step playbook and a look ahead to budgeting season.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Potential work-from-home policies to implement.
  • How to get ready for budgeting season in a new way.
  • Why you should establish new protocols and a communication playbook.

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Robert Bracco

Robert Bracco, Director Product Marketing
Robert Bracco is the Director Product Marketing for Upland’s Project and Financial Management Solution. He has 20+ years of progressive management experience in financial planning and accounting, information security, telecom, tech risk, program management and cost benefit analysis serving all major industries.

Dana Risley

Dana Risley, Senior Account Executive
With 15+ years experience in the IT and telecom industry, Dana has been instrumental in the success of Cimpl’s Telecom Expense Management practice in the United States. Dana’s area of expertise includes customer management, executive relationship building, product rollout, IT management and strategic business and financial planning.