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B2B marketers produce volumes of collateral to support sales activity. From glossy brochures to case studies, data sheets, whiteboard scripts, playbooks, and ROI calculators, marketing supplies sales staff with a variety of materials to help buyers navigate a complex sale. Despite this effort, 67% of B2B decision makers say they prefer not to interact with a salesperson as their primary source of information*.

As buyers become more self-sufficient in the digital age, independent, credible content now becomes their preferred source of purchase information. Processes that help sellers find, personalize, and engage prospects effectively with content that reflects buyers interests, preferences, and issues -- not simply what the sellers wants to sell -- will become the foundation of great sales results.

Join our guest Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, Laura Ramos, as she shows how enabling sellers with credible, empathetic content makes them more relevant to customers, help them to deliver it in a more engaging manner, and keep both accountable for successfully using that content to drive pipeline, close business, and keep customers satisfied long term.

Guest Speaker:

Laura Ramos
VP, Principal Analyst

Guest Speaker:

Shannon Waldschmidt
Content Strategy Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Patrick Morrissey
SVP and GM
at Upland Software

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*Source: Forrester/B2BecNews Q2 2018 Global B2B Buy-Side Online Survey, Base: 118 B2B buyers