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FileBound 8.0 Customer Webinar Series

Get ready for the FileBound 8.0 release.

Blake Gilmore, Upland’s Director of Product Management, hosts these three on-demand webinars to give you a firsthand look at the updated features and use cases supported in the FileBound 8.0 release. Each session includes an overview of the feature updates, a live demo of how it works, and use case discussions. Here’s a preview:

  • Administrative Updates
    • Learn about new features to enable in 8.0 that can simplify project creation and improve data consistency.
  • Forms Portal Updates
    • Get a full view of new form features, updates to ad hoc user sessions, and UI changes for FileBound Connect.
  • Workflow Updates
    • See new modules added to FileBound Importer and learn how to use the user profile to create more dynamic workflows.

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Upland Software


Director of Product Management

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Joe Gleason

Operations Manager, Specalised Training Services Limited

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