What’s New in AccuRoute 6.2


AccuRoute 6.2 is Upland AccuRoute’s latest major release for 2018 being released in the Spring of 2019. AccuRoute 6.2 was designed to focus on improving the ability for customers to integrate AccuRoute into their environment and meet the evolving security needs of the business, while providing new features from customer requests as well as market trends to improve the the ease of use of the product.

AccuRoute Zonal OCR

Zonal OCR Module:
Zonal OCR, also known as Template Forms, is a widely sought after feature used by capture solutions to recognize simple-forms and extract key-information. AccuRoute has traditionally provided these capabilities through AccuRoute CX, the full-fledged AccuRoute forms recognition engine. By introducing template forms with Zonal OCR, customers can define and setup their own forms-definitions for the simple structured forms used in many workflows to pull information off of and used that information for downstream processing. The difference between AccuRoute’s new Zonal OCR module and ARCX is the complexity and pricing structure. Zonal OCR will provide a solution for easy-to-read structured documents, while AccuRoute CX allows for complex, variety of structured and unstructured document types that enhance AccuRoute’s intelligent capture capabilities.

AccuRoute Queue Exceptions Station:
The new Zonal OCR Module will require exceptions processing, to fulfill this need a web version of AccuRoute Queue will be enabled for Zonal OCR Users. The Exceptions Station will allow users to process exceptions by reviewing and editing data, sorted through a queue folder structure, and release to it’s end destination.

AccuRoute Quickflows
In an effort to increase ease of use for administration and configuration of AccuRoute, AccuRoute 6.2 will include the release of a new module, Quickflows. AccuRoute Quickflows is a configuration tool that allows administrators to be taken through a wizard-like interface that will walk them through the steps and required actions to set up new device-based workflows.

AccuRoute WebApps

WebApps Drag and Drop:
AccuRoute WebApps has become the the new standard web interface for users to interact with AccuRoute since it’s release in AccuRoute 5.0. New in 6.2, WebApps will now support the ability for “Drag and Drop” onto the workflow icons. Now, you can have a folder explorer open and simply drag and drop from an open folder onto the top level, alleviating a lot of the pain from having to dive into folder modals.

Custom Metadata Tags for PDF/Word/Excel:
Metadata tags are tools used to help organizing and sorting documents and also sets them up for to use automated rules as the tags provide valueable information that can be used to make decisions. AccuRoute will now support the ability to create, set and attach these custom tags in PDF,MS Word and Excel document types.

Security and Compliance

FIPS140 Compliance:
FIPS140 is a US government security standard that deals with the way information is processed and stored, typically seen in the Government environments. Windows supports a set of encryption standards, modes, and features that can be turned on and off in the Windows Operating System to enable FIPS140 compliance . With this release, AccuRoute has been tested and updated to install and operate on a Windows Server that has been enabled with the FIPS140 feature set.


Compose Profiles:
The core use of AccuRoute is for processing of documents and images alike. Previously, AccuRoute only allowed for image and document manipulation in AccuRoute Queue, occuring after the scan. Now, a user or admin can set “Profiles” for different document workflows to apply different image modifications to them. Compose Profiles will work for:
  • .DOC/X
  • .PDF
  • .RTF
  • .TXT
  • .XLS/X
And will support changing these settings such as:
  • Blank Page Removal
  • Deskewing
  • Split Facing Pages
  • Detect Page Orientation
  • Correct Distortions
  • Invert Image Color
  • Remove Color Marks
  • Binarize Color
  • Change Resolution
  • Clean White/Black Noise
  • Language
  • Compression
  • Set Paper Size
  • Document Type Specific Final Formats
Delegated Delivery to Network Folders:
The AccuRoute Server is being enhanced with an optional configuration that will allow the AccuRoute Windows Service account to write files in customer network folder locations as the user capturing and submitting the document. This feature uses built-in Windows functionality using Kerberos to impersonate the user during the write of the file. This is just another way the system can be configured to store processed files in network folder locations without granting AccuRoute full permissions privelages.

AccuRoute Cloud Fax Module
AccuRoute Cloud Fax provides a secure online fax service with TLS encryption, PCI Certification and supports the most other stringent compliance regulations worldwide to ensure data security and privacy.


iManage Work Updates:
  • AccuRoute will now work with iManage Work in a Federated Login configuration
  • AccuRoute will now be able to work without having the Work Desktop Client installed
Device Enhancements

Multi-Feed Detection for HP Devices:
HP has recently released a new feature for it’s devices that can detect and flag documents that are fed simultaneously that AccuRoute is excited to support. Multi-Fed documents can be annoying, especially if you don’t know they are there, sometimes they may stick to other pages and get scanned undetected. With this new feature, documents that get multi-fed are detected and flagged, and can be stopped immediately for re-scan if configured to do so.

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